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Miscellanous NeW

This project wants to make available to all in music and especially guitar music interested persons the guitar-recordings of the Partitas BWV 828 D-major and BWV 829 G-major (Johann Sebastian Bach, Clavir Ubung, opus 1, 1731) at the free possession.

Me - Bernhard Schleiser - hope that the pieces attain a wide spreading and allow to many people pleasant and gratifying musical experiences. The pieces of music are defeated by no utilization rights represented by third. That means: everybody can and should produce numerous copies of the music to the private use and spread. The copyrights lie with the arranger and interpreter. In case of the commercial use I ask for notification and an adequate financial participation.

I have made the transcriptions for the guitar in 1983/84. First recordings of the pieces are made in 1985. But I did not publish at that time, nevertheless, for aesthetic reasons. I pause the work on this transcription project during the following years for private reasons (family, illness etc.).

Till 1998 I have dealt with some theoretical aspects of the relation of music and person. Who is interested in it, see my publication:

Musik und Dasein. Eine Existenzialontologische Interpretation der Musik, Frankfurt am Main, 1998.

Since 1998 I dealt with the electronic production and distribution of music. Examples of it are made accessible under the column "Musitronic" on this side. Some works have also come to the public performance. (e.g.: Cirkusmusik: Theas dream - with the Kickboard by the Milky Way, UA: Planetarium Hamburg, 2002; Heideggermixdown, Das Philosophische Experiment, AUSSEN, Kampnagel, 2003)

In spring 2006 I started to deal again more intensely with the guitar play. The publication of the recordings of both Partitas show the first result.